Thursday, 17 December 2015

Ever feel like you need to escape??

It really is easy to find yourself in a negative space isn't it? 

I have always been a super positive person and someone who is always trying to please others but I have always felt very much as though I don't belong here. 

It is so hard to explain to people. Because unless you have felt like this then you really don't understand how it can feel. It is so weird because every time I go away overseas I am 100% myself and I feel a sense of belonging then I come home and I feel myself holding back because people just seem to judge me for being me. Hence why I go away every year. I love being able to meet new people and be accepted and feel free and accepted. 

This year has been a real up and down year for me. Don't get me wrong my life is great, lets be honest I sit here and something pity myself but I know that there are people out there who have worse problems then me. 

I just hate that I give 110% of myself to friends and family but don't get that back. I value and respect them but got get that same in return. The biggest one of all is I always have my closest friends use the excuse 'Oh I am just so busy'. Come on , we live in a world where we are glued to our cell phones yet it is that hard to send your friend or family member a text message to simply just see how they are doing. 

This has really gotten to me the past while now and just have got to the paint were I really feel like I want to get away from here and escape to a whole new country and start fresh! 

Has anyone else felt like this? How have you managed to deal with it? 

Eleni xo 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Best Breakfast smoothie !!

For all you chocolate lovers 
this is an amazing breakfast smoothie which I love making when I am in a rush and don't have enough time to sit and eat breakfast. 

So I am not sure about you but I know that I always buy too many bananas which then go brown and are not enjoyable to eat on there own. Don't throw them out FREEZE THEM. 
Frozen bananas are perfect for smoothies and that why you are not throwing food away. 

For this smoothie all you need is :

- 1 frozen banana 
- almond milk
- cocao or cocoa poder (1tsp)
- chia seeds (1-2tsp)
- honey (1tsp)
-natural peanut butter (1tsp)
- ice cubes ( 4-5) 

Now all you do it put everything in your blender and blitz it away for 60 seconds and there you go you got yourself a delicious healthy smoothie :)

Let me know how you all like it 

Eleni x 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Girl Online- WOW

WOW is all that comes straight away to my mind. I find it really hard to pick up a novel and to finish it. 
I didn't know what to expect when I purchased this novel. But from the minute I read the first page I could NOT put it DOWN. I found myself reading a chapter and saying to myself one more and one more and before I knew it , it was past midnight and I had got totally carried away. This for sure would have to be on my favourite list. Not only because it was a novel I couldn't resist but to keep reading (which only took me less then a week.. even my husband was surprised) I found myself really relating to a lot of what was going on. Both in regards to feeling like I don't know where my life is going and drifting friendships. 

I don't know about yourselves but I defiantly growing up felt like I was constantly being judged and feeling like I had to be a certain why because of the people I hang around. I was simply afraid to be me and it wasn't till I was 21 I actually had a life changing moment very similar to Penny. Where I went to Europe and meet a whole bunch of different people who didn't judge me ect. and I found myself coming home a whole different person. 

Friendships really a a very hard thing to come by nowadays. I feel it is hard to actually find people who genuinely care about you and value and respect their friendships. But at the end of the day, you don't need to put up with people who are totally different too you. Even if that means that over time you grow apart from each other. People change and we all have different personalities and we either grow stronger together or not. 

This novel by Zoe Sugg is a perfect example of what a lot of people go through growing up and I think that anyone that picks this up and reads it will read the last page and feel like that learnt something from it just like I did. This novel had me sad, excited angry all different emotions it had me every hooked and as if I was living it every single step of the way. 

An amazing and for-filling novel for sure  and I recommend those of you who hadn't read Girl Online. GO and BUY IT you will not regret it!!!!

Thank you Zoella for such an amazing novel. I truly wish when I was growing up I had a novel like this to read. I actually think it would have made me feel less stressed about life and growing up and being a teenager :) 

Eleni xx