Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Stay Positive & Be Happy


Over the few years my life has defiantly been slightly tough and I found myself very unhappy and in a negative mind space!

Even though I had good aspects of life too the negative was taking over that. 

It can be very hard to get out of a negative and unhappy mood, I know this first hand. 
That is why I wanted to write this blog with few tips of how I managed to get to the happiest I have ever been!

For me the one thing that helped me the most was to surround myself with happy, positive people. I think this is so important because I found myself feeding off their energy and their positivity. You will surprise yourself how much better you will feel when your with people who just make you feel comfortable and happy and not worry about any of the negative things that may be happening in your life. Find that person who really understands you and take help you through the tough times. For me my husband is the biggest inspiration. He is always here for me to talk to and to guide me and remind that everything is okay. And that its okay to be selfish and its okay to stand up for myself and let go of all the negativity and the people who bring me down. 

As harsh as this might sound to some. I really had to learn to be selfish. Selfish in a sense of doing things for me and that in the end will make me a better and happier person and not other. I can be a person were  I care way too much of what my family, friends or even stranger think of me. Because of this I did things that would make them happy and wouldn't speak my mind or simply say NO to something. One day I said enough is enough. I learnt to be selfish and start to do things for me. I realised that only I could be in control of my happiness. I wasn't going to allow others opinion matter to me. Or let people make me feel a certain way. I was being true to myself and thats important. 

It is so important to believe in yourself! It is a crazy world we live in and there are always going to be people out there that will bring you down tell you you can't do something to make you feel little about yourself. If you want to do something DO IT. Believe that you can do it. Believe that you are capable of anything you heart desires!!

Dear to dream big and reminder yourself of them. Have a note book or a pin board. Something were you can visually seen your dreams and goals and everyday look at it. When your having a bad day look at them dreams or goals you have. Start small. Rome wasn't built in a day. Sometimes it takes baby steps to get to where you want to be. So don't give up. Keep pushing yourself. Keep surrounding yourself with those positive and happy people. Those people who will help you to keep pushing and reaching high. 

Lastly, the biggest thing which can be quiet hard so learning to let go on all the negative people I had in my life. For me and I am sure for many others, it can take a while to realise that certain people in your life are making up this unhappy person. It isn't an easy thing to just not be friends with someone of distant yourself from a family member even. But its important to let go as your letting go of their negative energy. For me I had a handful of people in my life that were so unhappy within them selves and so negative that they were treating me like I didn't have feeling of my own and every chance they got they would try and rain on my parade. They would try make me feel guilty for working hard and dreaming big and striving hard to achieve all that I want to achieve. And as hard as it was it was also easy to say to myself why do I keep putting up with this. I don't need people who are going to put me down to make themselves feel better. Or people who will just use me to benefit them. 

Once I realised all these things and took action I started to be happy and have the most positive outlook on life and be grateful for those who stand by me and want the best for me. 

Now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and it feels so bloody good !!

I love the two quotes in the photos above because they are so true, every single line of them. 

Be happy , be positive , do what makes you happy and life will be great. 
Your in controle :)

I hope you enjoyed this post 
Eleni x

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Healthy Chorizo & Mushroom Risotto

Chorizo & Mushroom Risotto!!

I love all types of Pasta and Risottos however when you try to eat healthy and not eat too many Carbs you try avoid these sorts of meals . 

So I decided to make it a healthier option without the guilt. 

This meal was so quick and easy.

Start off with boiling 1 cup of Brown Rice with 6 cups of water. Bring it to a boil then reduce the heat to low and gently cook for 30minutes, occasionally string. 

Then slice 2 chorizos, finely dice 1 brown onion and 2 garlic cloves and either 220g fresh mushrooms slices or a tin of mushrooms put into a saucepan with a good amount of extra virgin olive oil and sauté till onion is translucent. 

Once this is done turn the stove off and grate 225g Goats cheese stir till the cheese melts and then add 1 cup of chicken stock. 

I seasoned with salt, pepper and parsley and the chorizo will also add a lot of flavour to the meal. 

Once the rice is cooked strain and add to the Chorizo and Mushroom mixture and stir till the stock has been absorbed by the rice!

This meal will serve 4-5 people

This dish is super delicious and full of flavour!

I hope you all enjoy this recipe and let me know if you try it out 

Eleni xx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

European Honeymoon!!

Sacre Coeur
View from the top of Sacre Coeur

Last year in August I married my best friend and soul mate and this year in February we jetted off to Europe for our winter Honeymoon. 
It wasn't quiet long enough as we could both only take 2 weeks off from work, but it was the best two weeks to spend together on this perfect honeymoon!

Our first stop was Paris and out accommodation was AMAZING. We stayed at the Pullman Hotel Eiffel Tower. We would literally go to bed with the twinkling lights of the Eiffel tower and wake up to grey skies and the Eiffel tower in our sight. When you think of Paris, well when I think of Paris I think of romance and beauty and we were off to a great start

We did so much walking, we walked everywhere but we felt like a local. It was perfect! 
We did the typical tourist thing. Obviously Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees. One morning we got our selves ready for a 1 hour and 20minute walk to the Sacre Coeur which was beautiful. To be able to look over Paris and the Church inside is stunning and peaceful!! We saw Jardin du Luxembourg. On our last night we went and saw the Moulin Rouge show. To be honest I was not sure what to expect but I am defiantly glad we went and saw the show. The women are gorgeous and the way they move and the choreography and the fact they do this over and over again. The costumes were out of this world. So much work goes into these shows! 

After Paris we headed off to Chamonix. Which can I say is not very easy to get to. First we needed to fly into Geneva then get on the bus and drive roughly 3 hours to get into town. We had not booked a bus before flying off to Geneva so we were VERY lucky that as we landed we heading STRAIGHT to the transfers areas and got the last two seating available on the last bus schedule *sigh of relief*.
The hotel we stayed at was amazing! If you are ever in Chamonix visit Hotel Hotel Le Labrador  you will not be disappointed. The view of the mountains was gorgeous and the restaurant has delicious food. 

Our whole purpose coming to Chamonix was the snowboarding. Now we have never ever snowboarder before, but there is always a first for everything. Thank goodness we didn't break any bones. However were we sore the next day after spending all day on the snow. Now as usually my husband just has the gift or trying something and picking things up in an hour whilst me on the other hand not so gifted. I will not lie I wanted to give up half an hour in but had to prove the Husband wrong that I would not give up haha. I was lucky enough that were was an instructor near where I was trying to master this awesome activity that I actually by the end of the day had it!! Yes is still was falling on my arse BUT I was able to keep myself on the board and actually go down the beginners slops whilst Anthony had upgraded to the more advanced section! I will most defiantly be going snowboarding more often. If you have never tried it GIVE IT A GO. It is hard but once you get it, it is so satisfying and so much fun!!!! 

Our next stop London! The major reason for coming to London was because I am a massive Harry Potter fan. So I could not be in Europe and not go to the Making of Harry Potter !!!!
The journey there and back took pretty much a whole day so we didn't get to see as much as London as we would have wanted too but hey ho it gives us an excuse to go back. We stayed in Paddington and the hotel we stayed at  Park Grand was it great location as it was only a 5 to 10 minute walk to the Paddington Station and a short walk to Hyde Park and then Oxford Street for all major shopping. If shopping is what you like. 

We had the best Indian just down the road from the Hotel. We both love India if never in the area and fancy Indian head to Flavours of India, you will not be disappointed. The workers were friendly , the service was quick and the food was tasty. 

The next day we headed down to Hyde Park which  I loved. I am a huge scenery person and I love a g nice stroll and mother nature and that is what Hyde Park was like.

On our other free day we headed off to the Making of Harry Potter. I must say even though I have and always be a high fan I have a whole need respect for what went into making these movies. So much hard work went into all the sets and the costumes and the props everything. It was incredible to go and see what went into these great films. Even if your not a Harry Potter fan I feel like you will enjoy it because you get to witness how what we see on the bigs screens is actually out together.

Our very last stop before heading back home to Australia was Dublin. Honestly I really feel in love with Dublin. The people were super nice. The food was really good. The buildings, pubs, Churches everything. I just loved Dublin and I cannot wait till we go back there! We didn't do a hell of a lot besides try relax so we wouldn't feel too exhausted when getting home. But we stayed on Temple street so we didn't really sleep much and we walked every where. We did the Guinness Store house which was actually really good. Of course we ended that day with some Guinness and the view from the top bar was really nice. We saw loads of churches and saw a castle or two. We went to Phoenix Park. We came across come a field of deers. The little kids were loving it. They weren't fenced off or anything, you could get up and close to them!

Our over all Dublin experience was simply amazing. We finished off our trip by making sure we had an Irish breakfast and Irish stew and spend the night walking the streets with loads of Hens nights and Bux's nights happening. People playing guitar and singing and everyone dancing around together!!

Honeymoon was a success and can not wait till our next European adventure!

I hope you enjoyed this blog :)

Eleni xx

Sunday, 24 January 2016

NYC Reminiscing!!

Hi Guys!!!

So myself and my husband have been to American twice now. Its funny, I have always been a  Europe girl. America is defiantly a place I knew I would eventually visit but wasn't on the top of my list. But in saying that I really did love it. 

NYC was just something amazing. Just like you see in movies. Other places we visited are on the top of my favourite list. But how could you go to New York and not fall in love with it. The people, the streets, the cafes and cake stores, Central park, Brooklyn Bridge, Roof top bars, Broadway shows.

 I have been in both Winter and in Summer and for me personally I feel in love with it during winter. It just has this whole different vibe about it. With the snow covering Central Park. Walking the streets dressed in a million layers. Making a stop by Chelsea's Market for a coffee and cookies by Eleni's which if anyone ever gone, go try the cookies there. They are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! Also Chelsea's Market is really cool. They have great little boutiques to food shops to a Barber. Pretty much you can find what you want there. 

I honestly feel like I could sit here all night and list all the amazing things I really loved about New York but I won't. Instead I'll leave some photos for you all the look through!

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any great recommendations for the next time I am ever in New York please let me know 

Eleni xo 


Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I LOVE lunch time!!!

Day to day and depending on how much time I have depends on how large my meal may be. 

Today I had a very simple and easy yet delicious tuna salad. 

All you need is 
A tin of tuna (my favourite tuna is Serena chilli oil). 
1 grated carrot
1 TBSP Greek style yoghurt 
Sweet corn - as much as you like

today I felt like having it slightly bit sweeter so I also added 

1 TSP sweet chilli sauce. 

I then had a handful of strawberries 

As well as a glass of Berocca!

I hope you enjoy this lunch idea :)

Eleni xo