Monday, 14 December 2015

Best Breakfast smoothie !!

For all you chocolate lovers 
this is an amazing breakfast smoothie which I love making when I am in a rush and don't have enough time to sit and eat breakfast. 

So I am not sure about you but I know that I always buy too many bananas which then go brown and are not enjoyable to eat on there own. Don't throw them out FREEZE THEM. 
Frozen bananas are perfect for smoothies and that why you are not throwing food away. 

For this smoothie all you need is :

- 1 frozen banana 
- almond milk
- cocao or cocoa poder (1tsp)
- chia seeds (1-2tsp)
- honey (1tsp)
-natural peanut butter (1tsp)
- ice cubes ( 4-5) 

Now all you do it put everything in your blender and blitz it away for 60 seconds and there you go you got yourself a delicious healthy smoothie :)

Let me know how you all like it 

Eleni x 

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