Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Stay Positive & Be Happy


Over the few years my life has defiantly been slightly tough and I found myself very unhappy and in a negative mind space!

Even though I had good aspects of life too the negative was taking over that. 

It can be very hard to get out of a negative and unhappy mood, I know this first hand. 
That is why I wanted to write this blog with few tips of how I managed to get to the happiest I have ever been!

For me the one thing that helped me the most was to surround myself with happy, positive people. I think this is so important because I found myself feeding off their energy and their positivity. You will surprise yourself how much better you will feel when your with people who just make you feel comfortable and happy and not worry about any of the negative things that may be happening in your life. Find that person who really understands you and take help you through the tough times. For me my husband is the biggest inspiration. He is always here for me to talk to and to guide me and remind that everything is okay. And that its okay to be selfish and its okay to stand up for myself and let go of all the negativity and the people who bring me down. 

As harsh as this might sound to some. I really had to learn to be selfish. Selfish in a sense of doing things for me and that in the end will make me a better and happier person and not other. I can be a person were  I care way too much of what my family, friends or even stranger think of me. Because of this I did things that would make them happy and wouldn't speak my mind or simply say NO to something. One day I said enough is enough. I learnt to be selfish and start to do things for me. I realised that only I could be in control of my happiness. I wasn't going to allow others opinion matter to me. Or let people make me feel a certain way. I was being true to myself and thats important. 

It is so important to believe in yourself! It is a crazy world we live in and there are always going to be people out there that will bring you down tell you you can't do something to make you feel little about yourself. If you want to do something DO IT. Believe that you can do it. Believe that you are capable of anything you heart desires!!

Dear to dream big and reminder yourself of them. Have a note book or a pin board. Something were you can visually seen your dreams and goals and everyday look at it. When your having a bad day look at them dreams or goals you have. Start small. Rome wasn't built in a day. Sometimes it takes baby steps to get to where you want to be. So don't give up. Keep pushing yourself. Keep surrounding yourself with those positive and happy people. Those people who will help you to keep pushing and reaching high. 

Lastly, the biggest thing which can be quiet hard so learning to let go on all the negative people I had in my life. For me and I am sure for many others, it can take a while to realise that certain people in your life are making up this unhappy person. It isn't an easy thing to just not be friends with someone of distant yourself from a family member even. But its important to let go as your letting go of their negative energy. For me I had a handful of people in my life that were so unhappy within them selves and so negative that they were treating me like I didn't have feeling of my own and every chance they got they would try and rain on my parade. They would try make me feel guilty for working hard and dreaming big and striving hard to achieve all that I want to achieve. And as hard as it was it was also easy to say to myself why do I keep putting up with this. I don't need people who are going to put me down to make themselves feel better. Or people who will just use me to benefit them. 

Once I realised all these things and took action I started to be happy and have the most positive outlook on life and be grateful for those who stand by me and want the best for me. 

Now I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and it feels so bloody good !!

I love the two quotes in the photos above because they are so true, every single line of them. 

Be happy , be positive , do what makes you happy and life will be great. 
Your in controle :)

I hope you enjoyed this post 
Eleni x

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